A perfect CV should be short, innovative and creative

I’ve just a few of time to update a new post. The last discussion had as protagonist the word and the word’s style guide. In this post, I’ll speak already of word but in a new scenery: CV.

CV – or exactly Curriculum Vitae –  is a presentation page of yourself. There are many form of CV, but for a graphic designer, an artist, a web writer or an architect, follow a different way: art’s way. The curriculum vitae of a graphic for example will be very very amazing and short. According to me a graphic’s CV should follow three point:

1. brevity;
2. innovation;
3. creativity.

Start by a first point: brevity. It’s essential that the future worker know him that want transfer by its CV. “Does you want sent that you are a great passion for marketing or graphic design?”, also “does you want sent that you’ve took part of an important and international team?”, so this is a fist experience that you’ll write in. Nevertheless can be short and concise for not to confuse the reader.
The second point it’s fundamental for a graphic or a Marketing manager because the new is look as good. As innovation there’s in your CV as you’ve possibility to work in a short time.
The last point exploit your creativity. Now more yesterday, crativity is a business card. A good definition of creativity is available in Nuovo e Utile, teorie e pratiche della creatività which we look:

“Più che uno skill, una capacità che si può imparare, è un mindset: un atteggiamento mentale che va coltivato. È pensiero flessibile, aperto, rispettoso… comprende la possibilità di imparare dal fallimento e l’attitudine a esplorare lacune e incongruenze.”

An important post that have as title “Metodo 42: che cosa è la creatività e che cosa la uccide” with two good interview about this.

I’m thinking that creativity has as a synonym innovation and short, and all together build the self-personality at degree professional. Without this aspect we find hardly work today.



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