Suggestions by Italian and International Culture

I’m came back to writ, after I’ve received some precious suggestion by readers for my blog. I say thank you! I’m happy that you like this. So, in this week I’m dedicated to many readings (The Economist, The New York Times and other), but the time is always short. I’m looking for a lot of things: universities, home, work and suggestions (yes, also this!). I already know what I’ll do, but I don’t forget to learn every day.
I follow also a good blog ‘Mestiere di scrivere’ that gives me suggestion about writing. Today, the blog’s author talk about Criticism (that I write in uppercase). Just tomorrow I’ll do Jury for a Fashion Show, and I know that is so complicated. Anatol Rapoport – according to what Luisa Carrada writes – recommends to be clear and proper in the reformulation by opponent’s position; make a list of agreement’s points; cite the opponent’s teachings and, finally, refute and criticize anything.
Suggestions by author of ‘Mestiere di Scrivere’ are as precious as she last post about reading on Kindle or paper book. In short, the Culture, in Italy is never enough and continues to grow every day.



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