Clean the advertising to go to Heaven

It’s raining, in month of September. This help we to be reflective and motivates our ideas, especially those of customers.

Some people think I’m obsessive compulsive. They come to my house and it’s a little too neat and tidy; papers in nice piles and fruit oh-so-artfully balanced in the bowl. But I have a dirty little secret. Open the drawers and they’re crammed, brimming with life’s detritus: plastic cups from long-forgotten picnics; out-of-date parking permits for boroughs I no longer live in; baking parchment. I’m not even sure I know what baking parchment is, but it’s in there.

Brands are like this too. They spend millions on oh-so-clever ad campaigns, but you don’t have to look very far to find horrors they think we won’t notice – especially when it comes to language. They’ll say fantastic offers are “subject to availability”.

This is a Marketing Magazine’s post, and he’s Neil Taylor that introduces a great verity about marketing of product. It’s service’s writing, the most important part of a brand. And this is hugely charming, so that when I am around I look a lot. Let’s say that I don’t do less to notice the brands advertising. There’re many: human advertising, or funny, or surprising – as Neil said telling about language to use for a service – and “the results can be just as unexpected”. Really and unfortunately, the great variety of strategic marketing that we can see around, risks to reach at collapse of product. Instead, the wonder, the unexpected, the extraordinary, short, the different, can give new life to the eyes of the customer. Clean it from so much dirt from the bad publicity. Clean souls and make them clean and tidy for leave them get in paradise.




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