The grit for the happyness

I think that in America, out of Italy, people works in a very happy stade, no because there isn’t the crisis, no because there’s progress, and no because there are major struments to develop our mind. Not only for this. I think because out of Italy people is happy because he tells about the Happyness.

A interesting speech at “TAD Talks Education” explains the element that do a difference between us. Besides psychological study, I was particularly fascinated by the story of Angela Lee Duckworth, creator of this new point of view. She’s worked as gestional consulent till 27 years old. She decide to become a teacher. During her route, she has understand that there isn’t an absolute measure (as Q.I.) that calculates the talent of kids. From these questions, Angela Lee Duckworth she resigns from the teacher’s position and she study for become a psychology for analyse the comportment of kids and adults.

She’s just arrived to a significative conclusion that the goodness of kids and adults no consists to Q.I. or social intelligence, or physical, or mental health, but it depends too much from the grit.

«The most shocking thing about grit is how little we know, how little science knows, about building it». How do I build grit in kids? The honest answer is, I don’t know. In her data grit is usually urelated or even inversly related to measures of talent. But the best idea she’ve about building grit in kids is something called “growth mindset” – created by Carlo Bweck of Standford University – as ability to learn is not fixed. It can change with your effort. We need to be gritty.

In this analysis the grit is the solution.
Grit is passion and perseverance for arrive to long term goals. The grit is the resistence. The grit is follow our future, day to day, not only for one week or for one month, but for years, working hard to make that future a reality. The grit is living life as a marathon, not a click.

What that we need from istruction is a greater knowledge of students and of learning.

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