School system: America Vs Italy

Today I invite you to watch an interesting video from Bill Gates about strategy of education for teachers.

The central question that Bill Gates put in his conference is the teaching’s problem. He has explained the districts situation in America and the valuation of teachers. There aren’t a feedback in U.S. that they can really help professionals to become the best in their job. The American teachers not enjoy of a good education system and this putting America’s global leadership at risk. To help the teacher deserving, Bill Gates put a solution.
There aren’t an international’ ranks about this. «There’s no international ranking tables for teacher feedback systems», and the U.S. in lecture’s rank are at the 15st with Island and Poland. Yes, in Italy believe to be the last, really we aren’t alone. If we believe that in America the education strategy it’s the best, we wrong, too. In America – as tells us Bill Gates – one area near the top, it’s in failing to give to teachers the help they need to develop their skills.
Bill Gates’s goals will be similar to Shanghai, where they help teachers to grow up, and particularly the young teachers to observed the best teacher when he teach. But, this system it’s also similar to “La Buona Scuola” applied to Italy.

Bill Gates’s strategy permits the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET), a modern style to observe himself instead of the other teacher. So that, each teacher puts a camera in the classroom, and at the end of lesson, he transfers it to computer and notes the himself strategy also through written questionnaires made to students. This system require a big investment ($ 5 billion: it’s less to 2 percent of teacher pay). In this way, America can have a strument to calculate the teacher’s feedback, and the students’s education.

But this system would have an even more important benefit for our country. It would put us on a path to making sure all our students get a great education, find a career that’s fulfilling and rewarding, and have a chance to live out their dreams. This wouldn’t just make us a more successful country. It would also make us a more fair and just one, too.

P.S.: In the Shanghai schools there are weekly study groups, where teachers get together and talk about what’s working. They even require each teacher to observe and give feedback to their colleagues.

My solution? I think that schools, so as students, need a tutor (as the French system) that weekly tells at each student about the matter that he is learning. So, the precarious’s problem can be resolve because so there are more assumptions of teacher and teacher tutor. What’s do you think?

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